Chancellor's Biography & Message

Personal Life:

Dr. Shahla Rasheed D/O of Muhammad Nader Khushal was born in Afghan, Muslim and intellectual family in 1971 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. At the present time, she lives in capital and she is the founder and chancellor of MU (Maryam University) and also she teaches “The History of Afghanistan”.


She has completed her Primary Education in Malalay School (Kandahar), her Secondary Education in Maryam High School (Kabul) and has graduated from Aisha-e-Durani High School from Kabul, Afghanistan. She has started Kabul Medical University (KMU) in 1987, which after a year; she moved to Mazar-e-Sharef and has joined Balkh Medical University. But, due to insecurity situation of Balkh province; she has immigrated to Pakistan and has completed her remnant education. Later on, she has received her second Bachelor Degree in Greek Medical from Pakistan. She can fluently, speak out both national languages including English, Hindi/ Urdu.

Academic Life:

During immigration, she was busy to a range of social works, migrant associations, school founding, migration memories book and she has published a book under the name of “The History of Afghanistan in Last Three Decades”. She has written about 137 articles, which is about politics, economy, social, cultural etc. you all can find out the articles in Da Afghanistan Bank monthly magazines; most of the articles are about free market economy, women right, women professions, the role of women in country and family economy, NGP, marketing, the role of education and capacity building in economic development. She has participated in more than hundred national and international conferences, where the conferences were about women growth, women economic status, women capacity building etc. She has received about 53 certificates from National Council, GOs and NGOs. She has visited from U.S., Germany, Netherland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


She has returned to home after creation of Interim Government of Afghanistan in 2004, which she wishes for creation of a university and hospital in Kabul; to be able to serve and present professional students to Afghan community. Her basic purpose is realization the needs of society and youth education development across country.

Dr. Shahla Rasheed was candidate for Afghanistan Parliament from Kabul province in 2005. But, due to her own satisfaction; she refused to work in DM positions. It should be noted that MU is the 1st private university in Afghanistan history, which was established and headed off by women. Dr. Shahla Rasheed had written on memories that I feel proud for the graduation of 2,400 students from MU, which they are serving our beloved Afghanistan.


Chancellor’s Message:

Today we live in the era of communication, where the world changed to a global village. We live in the world, where information is power and powerful nation is the one; who has the sources of knowledge and information and the ability to on and the ability to circulate it and shape it according to their aims.

There is no doubt that during the years, ignorance was one of the most influential factors in all fields, which seriously damaged our country and had its bad effects in all aspects of our life.

In respect to this fact, MU as an academic entity came into being to serve and empower the Afghan nation by the means of knowledge and information. MU is the first private university in Afghanistan, which was established by women (Dr. Shahla Rasheed) in 2007.

We continuously try to upgrade our standards and level of study to be one of the competent universities in the country. Over the past 12 years we have present almost 2,400 students including male and female in 12 circulates to Afghan community.

Let me inform you all that MU degrees are acceptable across world. By coming to MU you have made a wise decision and chosen the right university for your further studies; with around many students who are being taught by outstanding staff from almost many nationalities.

By choosing a program at MU you will be making an outstanding investment in your future and we look forward to welcoming you in person and I am sure that the graduates of MU will play a pivotal and constructive role in the future of our beloved and war stricken country. MU is a place for Scientific Capacity Building.

Best Regards,

Dr. Shahla Rasheed

Founder & Chancellor of Maryam University


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