About Maryam University

About Maryam University:

Maryam University as an academic centre of IRoA was established in 2007 and began its activities officially through holding 1st admission exam with official permit from MoHE in spring, 2008. MU could takes valuable steps on training of human resources, effective and providing scientific services to country during last 10 years of its scientific and research age.

MU has provided education fields (BBA, BIT, LLB & BPS) Civil Eng. Diploma for all male and female students from different ethnics and religious groups in main office and branch.

It should be noted that many students have received MA scholarships in abroad in partnership of university, which currently; they are completing their educations in abroad.  Three female graduates of MU by the names of Roya, Raihana & Shabnam are studding their MA in Phoenix University of U.S. it means that MU degrees are acceptable across global.

MU could receive many certificates from different GOs & NGOs. Although frequently; various relevant organs board have attended university for monitoring and controlling. But fortunately; there is no violation.

MU has done valuable steps on educating of young generation of Afghanistan, which has proud to have presented about 2,400 students to Afghan community.

It should be noted that MU is one and only private university in Afghanistan history, which has established out and heading off by woman.

MU facilities for students are as below:

  1. Financial aid
  2. Scholarships
  3. Equipped update library more than 17 thousand books
  4. Electronic library
  5. Internet accessibility
  6. High educated (MA) teachers
  7. High quality education services
  8. Academic environment
  9. Equipped classrooms with LCD TVs
  10. CCTV cameras for security
  11. Projectors
  12. Computer lab
  13. Research and publishing centre
  14. Heaters in winter & cooler in summer
  15. Bright classrooms away from moisture & relaxed atmosphere
  16. Equipped hall for conferences & workshops
  17. Large & secure parking
  18. Green environment

MU, main office located in 3rd Street of Taimani Project and branch office in Ahmad Shah Baba Mena. 

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