Maryam University's Mission & Vision


Our mission is to train disciplined male and female capable of tailoring global knowledge to Afghanistan’s economy, cultural and historical context, contributing to the creation of new knowledge and committed to the Islamic democratic values embodied in Afghanistan’s constitution.

Our Mission is to engineer Maryam University to meet and exceed the highest international standards for education, while maintaining a sustainable, socially caring and peaceful community.

MU’s aims are to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. To develop generations of qualified Afghans, aware of their nation’s Islamic and cultural heritage.
  2. To preserve the identity of Afghan society and safeguard its moral and social values.
  3. To establish, promote and maintain excellence in undergraduate and graduate programs.
  4. To establish, develop and execute teaching, research and scholarship.
  5. To play an effective role in the development of scientific, social and economic aspects of Afghan society as part of global citizenship.
  6. To establish and maintain close links with national and international universities and institutions in academic and research fields.

To realize our vision and mission, we invite all our national and international friends and Afghan expatriates for their contribution to achieve the above objectives.


The vision of Maryam University is to provide higher education opportunities that enable students to gain knowledge and develop skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of Afghan organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities. Our courses provide students with the ability to be place in better positions.

Our vision is to transform MU into internationally recognized institution of learning and research, a centre of innovative thought and practice.

We Value:

  1. Excellence in teaching & leadership skills.
  2. Education towards employment.
  3. Adopt socially responsible programs for the progress of Afghan students and the surrounding community.
  4. To establish sustainable revenue generation to help the developing parts of the community.
  5. Identify the job market demands and prepare students for them through industry based academics curriculums.
  6. Invest and share available resources for the growth and development of Afghanistan at large and the satisfaction of both the internal and external stakeholders.
  7. Attract both students and professionals to MU by encouraging them to contribute to the organizational growth and development.
  8. Our goal is to give students knowledge, skills, and values, and to encourage them to use of that knowledge in their community.


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