BIT - Bachelor in Information Technology

Bachelor of Information & Technology – BIT

Maryam University’s Bachelor of Information & Technology graduates have built a reputation as some of the most innovative, intelligent and dynamic professionals in Afghanistan and beyond. A Bachelor of Information & Technology degree will enable you to become a specialist and leader in computing, networking or software development. This degree opens exciting career options all over the world, especially with the government and private sector organizations. Computer scientists are in high demand in a wide range of roles, such as specialist programmers, networking specialists, software developers, IT managers and consultants.  

Program Description:

The Bachelor of Information & Technology (BIT) is a four-year program offered at MU. The department follows an international standard credit based system, where students are required to complete at least 148 credits in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Information & Technology Degree.

Teaching System

Credit System 

Teaching Instruction


Minimum Credit


Examination Entry

Spring & Fall


5 a.m., 9 a.m. & 5 p.m.

Subject Category:

Subject Category

Type of Subject

Number of Credits

Core Topics


Specialization Topics


Optional Topics







MU has technical and physical sources, which include classrooms, labs, conference hall, study room and other facilities. MU’s Library has full information sources. 

Sport Activities:

MU has provided sports opportunities for students such as cricket team.

Jobs Placement:

MU would provide employment skills for students such as: CV preparation, a great interview, seminar methods, consulting, and allegorical interview set up, capacity building for students. In addition, Maryam Employment Service Center would provide the field of employment and internship for students across all GOs and NGOs.

Participation in Conferences & Seminars:

MU has provided the opportunities for students to participate in all conferences, allegorical courts, scientific national and international seminars and research facilities.


MU would provide transportation for female students in coming future.

General Enrollment Conditions:

- Prospective students are required to be at least high school graduates.

- Students are required to pass the exam in order to get admission to the bachelor’s program.

- Other required documents for enrollment such as: photo, ID Xerox, 12th Certificate Xerox.

Financial Information:

Admission Fees (only once).


Number of Semesters


3500 Afs.


3500 Afs.


Program Fees.  

Per Credit

Total of Credits


972 Afs.


144,000 Afs.


Installment Fees.

Per Semester

Total Program

6000 Afs.

18000 Afs.

147,500 Afs.

Scholarships & Financial Aid:

MU always makes efforts to provide high education opportunities to large number of people. MU allocated massive number of amount in financial and scholarships framework for elite students, which is providing high education for those students who haven’t financial capacity.

How can benefit from Financial Aid & Scholarships?

- Earn top score in examination entry.

- Earn top score at the end of each semester.

- Fulfill application form for education support.


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