Why Learn English?

Why Learn English?

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, the medium of communication around the globe. Businesses use English to carry out business deals, universities use it as a medium of instruction and nation states use it to negotiate treaties. English, in short, opens the door to countless opportunities for individuals, who pursue learning it in a professional manner.

The World Speaks English, Why Don’t You?

Educational Opportunities:

Most educational opportunities largely depend on English Language competency. Whether you are a high school graduate, university graduate, or post graduate, there exist multiple opportunities of scholarship for you if you are proficient in English. Top-rated universities around the globe offer scholarship programs to those, who take the TOEFL and IELTS tests and meet the criteria set. In recent years, many young Afghans pursued bachelor, master and doctoral degrees from Europe, America and other developed countries.

Learn English and grab the educational opportunities.

Employment Opportunities:

Most organizations are looking for professionals with good English Language skills. English competency has become a key component of job requirements. Candidates with proficient English sell themselves well at job interviews. Whatever field you are working in, you will need English. Whether you are a doctor, engineer, journalist, lawyer, analyst, or a business professional, you need English in one or the other aspect of your job.

Learn English and get your hands on your favourite job.

Business Opportunities:

The world has become a global village. People communicate with each other around the globe to meet their business needs. They buy and sell products and services. English Language has gained a great deal of importance as a medium of communication in business transactions. People equipped with English competency are more likely to succeed in business deals. Learning English is undeniably a crying need of the day to have effective business communication. If you are competent in English, you can grab numerous business opportunities whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, a communication officer or a junior level employee.

Learn English and win business deals.

Promotion Opportunities:

A vast majority of organizations use English as official language. Hence, success in job primarily depends on English Language competency. People with good command on English ace job interviews and soon assume top-ranking positions in their workplace. English speaking and writing are important ingredients of communication and therefore are considered a predominant factor in promotion criteria.

Learn English and pull your socks up for promotion.

Travel AID:

Whether you are traveling for business, leisure or any other reasons, English can prove to be a helpful guide throughout your journey. A practical understanding of English can really prove useful if you are shopping in a supermarket, negotiating with a business partner, or chatting with a newfound friend.

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Why Learn English?
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