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English Language Courses:

Maryam University created the English Language Department to provide Afghan students with the language skills essential for success in academic and professional arenas. Today, more and more careers require English, and MU Language Department expertly trains students to meet this challenge with absolute confidence. Whether you simply want to refresh your English skills, improve language ability, or want English for professional purposes, MULD has a range of courses that will meet your needs from special conversation classes, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Foundation Studies for TOEFL (FSP) to TOEFL prep classes.

Description of Our Language Program:

The American English File book is used in classes to support the development of students’ English language proficiency.  The course takes an integrated skills approach with reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar activities. Instructors employ modern communicative methods to help ensure that students are best supported in their development.  In addition; instructors will provide chances for the students to practice their four skills in the real life situations and to other learning styles. Instructors aim to make courses as enjoyable as possible.

Testing and Placement:

The American English File program offers English instruction in all levels from elementary to advance. Students take placement tests to determine their English level. They are tested in different skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and are placed according to their varied needs and abilities. Lower level students take integrated skills classes. At the end of each term, students have the option of testing again to measure their progress.

International Standard of English Language Learning:

Our English language training program is in accordance with the INTERNATIONAL Standards of Language learning, known as IRC.

Our training will take all of the students/participants to AT MOST C2 level and AT LEAST B2 level of English which is also required by most international organizations and universities for their members/students to attain before joining. We will undertake our training according to IRC, which is as follows;

Components for Students:

The material given to the students will be as follows (per student);

Student’s Book

Workbook + Self-Study Multi-ROM

Grammar Handbook

DVD Activity Book

Student’s Audio CDs

We offer a one Book Series Solution to the Language Skills Development of English language learners; American English File Series. American English File is published by Oxford University Press. It has more than 12 Books all together for different students of different levels.

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CEL / DEL in English Language



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