Admission Rules & Requirements

Student Commitment Letter:

Students must observe the following in university:

  1. Respect and adherence to the Fundamentals of Islamic Religion and Constitutional Law of IRoA.
  2. Adherence from all bills, provision, directive and resolution of MoHE.
  3. Respect to the Board of Directors and all masters and personals.
  4. Mutual respect to students and making friendly and academic relation.
  5. Observe discipline.
  6. Hanging ID card.
  7. Do not bring weapons and knifes.
  8. Cooperation with university in order to keep cleaning the environment.  
  9. Avoidance from all immoral acts and anti-human dignity acts.
  10. Avoidance from using tobaccos and alcohols.
  11. Avoidance from political activities.
  12. Students must care equipment’s and materials. If not, they will be fined.
  13. Avoidance from all ethnic prejudice, language and religion etc.
  14. Avoidance from anti-Islamic dress code.
  15. Avoidance from walking around unseasonable in official time.
  16. Students must pay their fees in first week of their semester. We have already considered 50% discount from 1st till 6th semester.
  17. We have already considered about 20% discount for 7th and 8th semester.
  18. Graduation party expenditure (monograph, master’s fees, diploma and transcript) of each student costs about 13000 Afs, which must be paid before final exam of last semester.
  19. Students could invite about two guests apart from him/herself in graduation party. 

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