How to Apply?

How to Apply?

The admission office at MU provides a variety of information to students, both through official email as well as in person and through our telephone lines. Individuals visiting MU should visit the admission office as it provides all the relevant possible information about MU. The admission office distributes the MU admission forms. The admission office also receives admission forms from students, all necessary and relevant documents. Once the admission form is carefully filled out by the students, and returned along with all relevant documents to the admission officer, the applicant will be issued an Entry Test Examination Card. Without obtaining such Examination Card the student cannot participate in the Entry Test Exam.

Step 1:

Fill the admission form.

Submit all required documents.

Get the entry test examination card to take the entry test.

 Step 2:

A date to take your entry test will be given to you according to the program you chose.

You shall receive your admission answer within 2 weeks.

 Step 3:

Oral test: An English and motivation interview is mandatory for students applying to the BBA & BIT.

The admission office keenly observes the students, while they provide their details to the admission officer and complete the admission form. Students need to provide full and accurate information in the MU Admission Form as any change may not be possible. Name, Father’s Name, Address, Cell Number, Email, and ID number should be written accordingly. Students need to check the spelling of their full names with their other documents (Tazkira /ID card, 12th Grade Certificate, etc.).

Details provided to MU through the admission form are rarely amended. Once the student fills in and signs the admission form and submits it to MU, he/she agrees to abide to the rules and regulations of MU. Admission officers at the admission office of MU are fully prepared and trained to guide students through all the relevant programs and information requested in the Admission Form. Course counselors at MU provide counseling services for all those interested in joining MU’s growing family of students and academics.

If you are thinking about becoming a MU student, contact the Admission Officer today by phone or email

Below are the documents required to be considered for new student admission?

  1. Three Years School Marks (10th, 11th, 12th) (Photocopy)
  2. 4 Pictures (3x4)
  3. Tazkira / ID Card or Passport (Photocopy)

14th Alumni:

  1. Providing 14th documentation.   
  2. Providing 14th graduation documents.
  3. Average shouldn’t be less than 80%.
  4. Volunteers haven’t any right to choose against field.
  5. Volunteers would be accept after examination; a class reduction.  

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