Alumni & Gender Relations

Alumni & Gender Relations:

With more than 2,400 talented and inspirational alumni throughout Afghanistan, Maryam University has created the Alumni and Gender Relations Office to serve as a link between Maryam University and its graduates. Through this office, Maryam’s alumni will have access to a wide range of facilities and services; from part-time courses aimed at personal and professional development to library (digital and physical) services, sports events, and many other events and programs .Here, you as Maryam alumni will find more information about the broad range of benefits and services available to you.  We offer a wide range of opportunities to help you stay in touch with Maryam community and indulge in different social interaction, professional networking and volunteer service opportunities.

Major objectives of the Maryam Alumni Relations

We are here for you all year round to make sure you get the best from alumni experiences by recognizing the success of alumni all over the years and sharing alumni success stories and achievements with current students to become a role model for them and let the world know about Maryam’s alumni whether they are in Afghanistan or elsewhere. Alumni presence serves to benefit the existing students and allowing them to aspire to the success of alumni. Being part of alumni association allow alumni not only look to back and reflect on the past, but also to look forward to becoming a part of the association itself.

Maryam Alumni and Gender Relations Office are established to foster a healthy environment of communication between individuals of both genders at Maryam. The main goals of this office include combating sexual discrimination and harassment on campus, promoting gender equality between male and female students, and to make Maryam welcoming to students. When we talk about gender equality it includes; equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities. Alumni and Gender Relations Office implies that the needs, interests, and priorities of both female and male students are taken into consideration. This office is made to broaden Maryam’s female and male equitable participation in all levels of decision making in development activities of Maryam University.


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