Computer Lab

Computer Lab:

MU’s Computer Lab is equipped with high speed LAN and original software apart from being a comfortable place to sit and work and learn for all students and project trainees too. High-end servers, 24 hours e-mail accessible. Labs & Classrooms are Multimedia-ready. Labs connected in High-speed LAN 
100% coverage of WLAN 
High-speed Internet access.

As the Internet has enabled electronic dissemination of information to replace traditional print media, MU has taken steps to develop a presence in cyberspace. The website provides up to-date information on department programs and seminars. It includes links to the many web pages maintained by faculty, who often post research papers, policy papers, data sets, and even computer programs on their sites.

MU’s computing facilities are being continuously upgraded to keep them in up to date with the fast paced advance in computing technologies. We believe that a modern IT environment for students, faculty and administration is absolutely essential to a quality education. Computer lab offers the most advanced technologies as we provide a high level of Computer Science and IT knowledge.

Computer Lab
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