Chancellor's Message

Maryam University has intensely focused on achieving his goals and mission statement, which is developing and implementing quality standards teaching, scientific and administrative capacity building. Maryam University has always wanted to satisfy the needs of the society for education, delivery of services, scientific activities; therefore; Maryam University has always focused on quality assurance processes and has wanted to obtained quality standards on national and international level; for these above reasons this University has been able to reveal its weak points through a strict working team and has taken strict measures in its operation plans to resolve these issues and pass the credibility processes at national and international levels and help us in scientific capacity building and offering the best cadres to our society. Maryam University leadership, cadres, administrative and service personnel’s, students in their turn had helped in implementation of operation plans and preparing the reports. We really appreciate the corporation of our deputies, deans, head of departments, cadres and our administrative and service personnel. we should also mention the cooperation of ministry of higher education especially the quality assurance and credibility directorate, which has encouraged us to obtain our goals, which are scientific capacity building and presenting the best to our society.