Faculty of Economics

An economics degree prepares you for a number of careers in which critical thinking and careful decision-making are required. Considered to be one of the most prestigious economics programs in the region, we maintain a quality curriculum that adds significant value to students' life-long learning and remains current as the discipline evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of an increasingly globalized world. We deliver an international-standard undergraduate program that offers qualifications that are readily recognized and internationally understood by employers and graduate programs. Our faculty members come from a unique variety of backgrounds and are highly qualified, approachable, and strong in their publication records. Our students develop strong quantitative and analytical skills that qualify them to go on to establish successful careers in business, government, and the law, as well as specific areas in education, foreign service, consulting, and politics.

Building and Infrastructure:

MARYAM has a sufficiently wide space with well–built classrooms that are equipped with LCDs, whiteboards, tribunes, chairs, tables, and rest of the required administrative and operational equipment in a modern system in its discretion.

SCHEME STUDY OF BBA and Finance Departments

Approved Curriculum of BBA and Finance Departments by Ministry of Higher Education.